Energizing Electric Fleets

Our AI ensures all vehicles are fully charged for the day ahead at the lowest cost possible and through using low carbon emission sources.

Our platform allows fleet managers to use inexpensive charging infrastructure to deploy electric fleets at scale.

We’re built for fleet managers and we make sustainability officers really happy!

Less Charging Costs
50 %
Less Infrastructure Costs
60 %
Less GHG Emissions
40 %


Simplifying the EV Transition

Meet the first EV planning and adoption software built with fleet operators in mind. Plan your transition journey, manage your costs, view incentives and much more with our revolutionary platform.

We're connecting the energy ecosystem

Our solutions provide a 360° platform, syncing real time forecasting and management of energy for commercial enterprises, utilities, municipalities, and more

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EV Fleets

We work with fleets that carry different branded vehicles and chargers, and help them save time and money. Our platform can connect to all vehicles in your fleet and help drive efficiency in charging operations. Optefy will make sure that each vehicle is charged and ready for the day. When a shift is completed, the driver simply connects the charger and walks away. Optefy will handle the rest while saving time and money for your fleet. On average, Optefy will save you 3-4hrs per week for every 20 cars in the fleet and drive an ROI of 3.1x!


Optefy is here to drive energy demand efficiency, by managing demand of the largest EV user base. As Fleets continue to adopt EV’s there will be a large demand that can strain the grid or drive pricing volatility in your region. By partnering with Solv4x and using Optefy as a partner of choice, Utilities will be able to monitor depots, chargers, AND vehicles in real time to manage potential energy demand.

EV Integrators

EV Integrators play a major part in the current and future state of the electrification journey. However, there is a large CAPEX commitment that is made by the integrators which does not get any relief from external partners. Solv4x is here to change that notion and drive efficiencies in the EV Integrator value chain. We work with integrators to lower their CAPEX by not having to purchase Smart Chargers. We work with integrators to lower their OPEX over time while driving business insights and asset analytics.​

Our Leadership

The Solv4x leadership team has deep knowledge across Energy Markets, Software Development, and Customer Relationship Management. They share 40+ of career experience between the 3 team members across large companies such as Cisco, IBM, Siemens, ABB, California ISO, Nielsen, and Canadian Tire. All team members have experience in people management across local and remote teams and have been pivotal to projects executed at a high level of visibility. From leading the Demand Response, saving over $3.5B, to driving Cisco innovation at large enterprise clients, this company is built by a team that strives on successful product and business execution.

Sangharshan K.

Chief Technology Officer

Rekha S.


Dharshan C.

Chief Revenue Officer

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